The idea started in Bali during the beginning of 2018. Among palm trees and inspiring, free minded people. It grew slowley and by the time it  bloomed it was well influenced by the Bali lifestyle with a touch of LA.

We're a Sweden based company. 

Our first collection is the perfect mix between beach girl in Bali and city chic from LA.
Everything to make you look like the million dollar summer babe you are. We are all about self love and embracing your own beauty. True beauty comes from the inside, but sometimes we all need that little boost of feeling flawless in our new goodies. Thats why we have put together a sexy yet elegant collection for you, full of wonderful colors, details and patterns. Where your can mix and match however you want. All pieces are picked to be able to both wear casually and to dress up. So that you can feel comfortable and add your own personal touch to it. 
Never forget that self love isnt selfish, you're worth nothing but the best!


We're a Sweden based company.

After years of traveling and living abroad I've grown a lot. I've learnt the value of being independent and believing in yourself. I spent a lot of time in Bali and California last year, and thats where I got my inspiration for NOT YOUR HONEY the Labels first collection.